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 Re reading of Nanjing college entrance examination  Nanjing college entrance examination repeat class
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 Re reading of Nanjing college entrance examination
 Nanjing college entrance examination school

Re reading of the high school entrance examination

Re reading of college entrance examination

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 Re reading of college entrance examination
 Re reading of college entrance examination

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Reread one year, how to make the excellent better?

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six month twenty-four Today, as a secondary school's running scholar, although he has experienced the results of the national college entrance examination every year, he is still looking forward to and worried about it. This year, Wang Xinran of our school has achieved three hundred and eighty-eight branch A+A Ranking in the whole province two hundred and forty More than outstanding achievements, after last year's Hu Dailin classmate( three hundred and ninety-seven branch A+A+ )Again won the highest score in Nanjing college entrance examination. This achievement naturally makes us very happy and gratified.

To be honest, I have to admit that the achievement is mainly due to the diligence and hard work of the students. Of course, I have good luck. But, think calmly, in order to grasp this good luck, in fact, our team has paid a lot of experience, wisdom and hard work. I have reflected that the reason why we can properly seize this opportunity is closely related to the construction of our teaching team and the design of teaching mode.


The first and most important point is the selection of a truly outstanding teacher, Yan Shi.

At the beginning of the school, I determined several principles for the selection and appointment of teachers

one Areas: Nantong and Taizhou are relatively developed in education in the province;

two School: national model high school is preferred, at least the old four-star high school;

three Age: fifty-five From year to year sixty At the age of about, he has been teaching for a long time;

four Others: the children who live in Ning and have priority in their development, and those who serve as leading cadres in the original school are not allowed.

Under such a principle, I find that my teaching team has something in common. They have all worked in key classes in the original school, and have trained excellent students from first-class schools such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University. Moreover, their own children are excellent enough, and their children are basically passed the examination in that year nine hundred and eighty-five Some of them are studying abroad.

Such teachers not only have solid business foundation and rich experience, but also have brought first-class excellent students. They are not unfamiliar with some relatively high-score re-entry students, and even familiar with them. For some high score rereading students, in fact, their lack of specific knowledge modules is nothing, and their basic ability is no problem. So what they need to solve in this year is to improve and repair some details. Therefore, what they often need is not the teacher's regular explanation and supervision, but guidance and inspiration at a higher level Teachers' professional level and ability put forward higher requirements. If the teacher's level is average, such relatively high score students tend to be picky and refuse to pay, and the interaction and cooperation between teachers and students are naturally much worse. And enough excellent teachers, his professional level, his personality charm may soon be able to convince students, in this case, teacher-student interaction to achieve the ideal state, the learning effect is naturally guaranteed. I remember that this year's highest score Wang Xinran's father told me that after several contacts with our teacher, she had been convinced by teacher Li. With this kind of compromise, we will be very beneficial in the process of education and teaching in the later stage. The student has not been interested in mathematics, usually also hate mathematics, sometimes we will ask teacher Li to do ideological work for her, in order to own future ideals and aspirations, we must face mathematics, turn this off, teach her how to deal with the relationship between her life dream and the current reality.


The second point is to pay attention to the analysis and evaluation after stage detection.

For learning, summary and reflection is really very important. Some people say that the examination is actually a routine. Under the exam oriented education, there are rules to follow in answering strategies. We should summarize and reflect on our own routines after continuous examinations. Most students are not very good at summarizing and reflecting, so we will guide the students to analyze and evaluate the examination after each examination. Teachers and students will find problems together and formulate the problems that need to be solved in the next stage.

For students with a good foundation, the analysis and evaluation at this stage is particularly important. If students at this level want to improve themselves, they can not solve it by simply brushing questions. They need students to study more rationally, to be diligent in thinking, and to stop thinking properly in the process of running forward, so as to go further and higher. Our teachers put forward higher requirements for this kind of students, so that in the process of learning, they not only think about themselves, but also think about the proposer and reviewer. what do you mean? Think about yourself, it's easy to understand that as an individual, you need to be confident enough and work hard. The reason why you want to test you is because you need to know what they want to examine you? What holes will be dug for you in some topics? What kind of topics will be used to open the class? It's not difficult to understand the marking person. As a respondent, you need to understand the marking process, what kind of test paper the reviewer likes to see, what kind of expression and writing can please him to a greater extent, and you need to take care of his marking mood as much as possible. I don't know if this is a routine.


Third, keen insight, accurate judgment and scientific guidance.

High section re reading students, often have in the ordinary people can see even good school admission, but there is a big gap with their own psychological expectations. In fact, most of them are under greater psychological pressure than ordinary students, and are prone to some big or small emotional fluctuations.

Therefore, in the year of rereading, it is very important for the teachers who live with them day and night to have a keen insight, whether they can accurately judge and then give scientific guidance. I remember that almost every time after the exam, teacher Zhai, the head teacher, would talk to these children individually. On the one hand, he would deeply analyze the subject learning, on the other hand, he would also exchange his recent thoughts with them. Zhai, an experienced teacher in charge of a class, can have a keen insight into the students' Ideological and emotional situation in daily communication and observation, and can take corresponding measures to resolve it in a timely manner when it is just a little bit early.

In fact, for these relatively excellent students, we will fully consider and respect some individual differences of students under the principle of routine management. To put it bluntly, we allow some small special. Just like this year's student Wang Xinran, we allow her to take optional courses, including allowing her to finish early before the college entrance examination and so on. For such students, mental adjustment is better than time control.


The fourth point I think still has certain effect and influence, lies in the collection of exam preparation information.

In my opinion, the so-called test preparation information, expert guidance and so on are not of great value to the general students, but for some high segment students, it is still very valuable. We will give full play to our advantages in running schools. These teachers who have not retired from key and famous schools keep close contact with the original schools and obtain some resources and materials in time. For example, the monthly examination paper and the so-called question paper before each examination. Generally, schools have major teaching and research activities, and they will go back to participate in it in time ten In January, our teacher went back to school to attend a lecture given by Professor of nannormal University. this year four In June, we organized students to attend the composition lecture given by Professor Gao Chaojun of nannormal University. Before the examination, we got the internal papers of friends of mathematics magazine in nannormal University in time.


The above points are my own reflection and summary on the implementation of key training for outstanding students in our school. I believe that the so-called favorable weather, favorable location and harmonious people. In my opinion, if the better students do not do well this time, God will give you another chance to work hard. I once said that a temporary failure may give you a chance to surpass. Location is actually the environment and atmosphere. The basic environment needs to be provided by the organizers, and the learning atmosphere needs to be built by us. But the most important person and, lies in the student subjective effort, the society summary reconsiders, the science highly effective review prepares for the examination. With the above three points, I believe that more excellent people can make themselves better through a year of remodeling.

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